Azziria (azziria) wrote in knitting,

One down, two to go

I've finished one of my three current projects - the 'furry' scarf for my daughter. I'm pleased to say that she's delighted with it!

Knitted with 3 balls of Sirdar Funky Fur Magic, 40 stitches, st st throughout (with 2 knit stitches at each end of each purl row), on 4 mm needles. It knits up quite loosely/slippery, so the finished scarf is quite stretchy.

I love how the colours banded themselves :-)

Project no. 2, the soccer scarf for my DS, is almost finished also, leaving only the long-term cable sweater for DH. So now I'm trying to make up my mind what to knit next - the cable sweater is too heavy for me to knit for long periods without breaks, so I need something else on the go as well. Maybe something in some of the luscious hand-dyed yarn I keep drooling over finding on the Web...
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