Abby Franquemont (huaman) wrote in knitting,
Abby Franquemont

Cardigan pattern suggestions?

So I recently finished up spinning a nice 1650-yard skein of 2-ply 70/30 merino/silk yarn that's weighing in at about 7.5 ounces for the whole deal, and it's sturdy but has a nice loft to it, and weighs, well, very little. Upon lots of reflection, I've concluded that it's a summer cardigan. Soooo I am on the hunt for some basic elements which I'll most likely modify heavily, making it into a lacy summer cardigan somehow. Here's what I want:

- set-in sleeve
- at least a little shaping at the waist; not short row shaping though because I want to do a lace thing
- length anywhere from cropped (say at the navel) to about hip length
- not a wrap type thing, as I'm far too busty for that to work out
- neckline undetermined, but probably not a strict crewneck; collar possible
- closer fit (say 1-3 inches of ease depending on the overall design)
- button band! buttons right up the middle.

I'm hoping to find something that fits the bill and has a schematic, to save myself the structural design work... sizing isn't terribly important as I will adjust it regardless, yarn weight/gauge also not a critical factor (although the yarn's lace to fingering weight and I expect to use somewhere between US3 and US5 needles depending what swatches reveal). Anybody have any thoughts?
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