Piglet (porcinea) wrote in knitting,

So I'm working on a neckwarmer --- basically just a collar plus a bit of a yoke. I'm knitting it from one end (with buttonholes) to the other (with buttons). 20 stitches across, knit until it's long enough to go around the giftee's neck, with short-row darts added to shape the yoke.

My question is --- should I form the double darts of the increase with long-to-short and then short-to-long rows, or the other way 'round? I instinctively thought short-to-long and then long-to-short (making a triangular insertion), but Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook specifies the long-to-short then short-to-long order of making a double-dart. (Which makes me wonder if there's an unobvious problem with my obvious idea.)

Any thoughts?
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