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FO: sleeveless sweater / yoke vest thing

I knitted a yoke vest during the Knitting Olympics. Pattern was from Hip Knits : 65 Easy Designs from Hot Designers and I used Encore Chunky in a dark red. The nice thing about this pattern is that it was knit completely in the round, and then you cast on 20 more stitches for the sleeves and do decreases for the neck. I made it slightly longer then the pattern intended but other then that it was pretty much straightforward and only took about a week.

I really like knitting sweaters but I truly hate sewing so I think I will do some projects from the Loop-d-loop book. If you haven't seen this book already you should... it's filled with lots of scowling European-looking models but the designs are very original and almost all done in the round. It's quite ironic how much I loathe sewing the pieces together... I used to sew quite a few of my clothes for many years and then I discovered knitting. I think the reason why I prefer knitting is it has a soothing rythym to it, can be done without a machine and is completely stress-free.

Anyway, on to a photo of the sweater. That's me in my phone store, hence the ad for Nextel in the background.

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