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OK, so, I just made this pair of mittens with stripes of 4 rows each. The mittens were knit on two needles. Now, as I'm sitting here sewing up the side seams and weaving in the many, many ends of the two colors I used for the stripes, I'm having some thoughts...

Why did I do this this way?
Why did I make these mittens? I hate weaving in ends.
Should I have just carried the yarn up over the other colors? It's only four rows each.
Should I sew up the side seams using some of the ends?
Should I tie two ends together and just cut the yarn at the knot?

It goes on like this forever.

I'm curious to see how you all handle this situation. Weaving in ends, joining colors, whatever. Color work in general. I have different ways of handling it for different pieces of work, I guess. I'm not looking for advice, just sort of a general idea of what other people do. Hope this stimulates some good discussion...
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