Theresa Grant (theresa_grant) wrote in knitting,
Theresa Grant

Conquering the fear...

I am afraid of DPNs. They seem mysterious and awkward and generally "huh?" to me. And yet, I would like to say I once made a pair of socks. Heck, I'll take "a" sock. Just so I can say I did. So today I took a deep breath, bought a set of DPNs and sock yarn, and... dove in.

Uhm. It's not so scary. I started over three times before I was satisfied with how it was coming together, but now I'm taking a break from the itty-bitty knitting to save my hands. :p

So I hope that anyone reading this who has a "fear" of trying something with the knitting obsession will just follow my example and dive right in -- It's not so scary here in the "deep end", I promise!
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