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Circular needles

So, I'm having issues with finding circular needles again. This was pretty much the very first issue I came across when I first started knitting - I just can't find 16" circular needles! I have SOME now - like maybe two or three - and I'm trying to stock up, since they seem pretty useful. I can never find them in stores, about the shortest I can find are 29", and of course, people always suggest eBay, but even eBay isn't all that helpful for that. If I search for a lot of needles (which would be ideal) they usually just contain 29" needles and if I search for 16", then it'll just give me individual needles that I just can't afford.

Where did you guys get yours? Occasionally this is kind of frustrating... I wish I could find a decently priced pack of circular needles. There are the interchangable ones, I know, but man, it's flippin' expensive.
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