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Sweater Help

Okay this is an extension to my post the other day about subbing a different yarn for a sweater pattern. I brought my book in today so I can give you guys all the specs so you can help me (PLEASE!!!!!!!).

Book: A Girls Guide to Simple Knits.
Pattern: "Even Daniel Did it".
Yarn: Muschio yarn (39 yards/50g ball). I will be needing about 13-14 balls (which is the problem since this yarn is like $10 a ball!!).
Total yardage: Between 507 and 546 yards
Gauge: 2 stitches = 1 inch; 8 stitches = 4 inches
Needle size: US 15 (10mm)

This is my first big project and firt knitting item other than a hat and scarf (which are getting a smidge boring!).

Thanks for your help! You all do such wonderful work!

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