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A request for vintage yarn help

So I recently went and saw my paternal grandfather, and he pulled out a tin box and handed it to me. Apparently he'd found it and was going to throw it out, but I enthusiastically accepted the moment I opened it, and saved it from the dump. This is cotton yarn that my great grandmother left behind, many years ago, and is still in absolutely gorgeous condition.
Oh noes! You can't see it! My question is this... Does anyone have any idea what sort of length of yarn I'd have there? I've tried looking up the company but I'm having no luck, so I thought I'd ask the lovely knitters on here if any of you know. It's Strutt's Milford knitting cotton - 2oz net in size no. 8 and shade 233. I think it's a three ply, but there's nothing to identify the weight or the length on the label other than "size no. 8". Finally, I'm looking for suggestions on what to knit with it. I want to do something nice, but I don't want to end up with half a cardigan because I have too little. So does anyone have any way of helping me find out the yardage/meterage of what I have so that I can decide on a pattern that will be fitting to my great-grandmother's yarn? And any pattern suggestions that will be fitting? I'd really like to make something special with this, I never got to meet my great-grandmother and I think it'd mean a lot to my Pop if I made something lovely out of her yarn. :) Thanks for your help, Kate
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