Never lost at sea... (princess_vernie) wrote in knitting,
Never lost at sea...

Question about Chart A of ModeKnits' Silk Corset

Ok, I give up. I was hoping I wouldn't have questions so soon, but here I am, stuck on the first row! The part I am having troubles with is this, in bold:

Rows 1 & 5: (RS) K4, place marker, work row 1 of chart A over next 28 sts, pm, Repeat chart A 4 (5, 6,7,8, 9, 10, 11)times, pm, work next 29 sts in chart A ending with greyed st at last repeat, pm, k4.

I hope I can put this clearly. The pattern says the chart is 14 stitches. But the VDD takes 3 stitches, while the chart just gives it one. Or am I doing the VDD wrong? My count isn't coming out right because of this; at least, I don't think it is. Working only 28 stitches leaves me short of completing the chart twice that first time, and working the chart twice leaves me less than 29 stitches when I get to the end of row 1.

I know about the email knit along list, and I have joined it and posted my question there, but I've asked a couple of questions before that were never answered there, so I thought I'd try here, too.
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