Abigail (crayolaab) wrote in knitting,

Re-sizing advice

A friend of mine is expecting twins due in June, but they are likely to come any day now (lots of complications). They're hoping to keep the babies in until they reach 2 lbs approx, but of course nobody can predict anything.

I'm knitting a few things for them (booties/hats in some different sizes) but wanted to make Magknits' Blossom as well. However, I have a lot of changes I want to make so I am seeking some advice!

The smallest size listed on the pattern is 0-3 months, with a 19.5" chest circumference. I've looked up preemie sizes and am planning to make a 6-8 lb size, which I'm thinking they would be able to wear for a few months, maybe longer. My research indicates they will not be wearing much clothing in the hospital, so I want to focus on a size when they are stronger and/or home. According to research this is a chest circumference of approx 13".

My first question is about the size differences: a 7 lb baby is sort of small but still 'normal' for a newborn, right? If a 7 lb baby is 13" chest circumference, how can the 0-3 month size be a 19.5" chest circumference? That would SWIM on a 0 month old.. Do these measurements sound reasonable to people who have had babies?

Second question: I can't find preemie length measurements. Should I shorten the dress as well, or figure that any extra length is just room to grow?

Third question: I have never made this drastic of a size change before. Can I just use ratios to adjust the number of cast on/off etc , and then shfit the decreases appropriately? Would I be better off to pick a much smaller yarn/needles and adjust that way (really not wanting to do this - I have knitpicks' Shine to use and don't want to find new yarn - but would if it is the best option)? My math/adjusting skills are okay I am just not that confident!

Fourth question: I'd really like to make this as one piece - at least up to the armholes. All I have to do is drop a stitch from each side of the back and the edges of the front panels, correct?

Fifth question: Am I missing anything critical?

Thanks in advance!!
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