salvation_punch (one_more_girl) wrote in knitting,

basic technique question

hey ladies!

i learned to knit about three months ago, and after three pairs of nearly perfect mittens and a good start on a baby blanket, i decided to branch out and try something different... specifically, i have now made a list of about 12 projects i want to get done before christmas! i'm a knittin' foo'!

many of these will involve knitting in the round, so i decided to get some practice by doing's kate the cat. almost finished; pretty happy with it (will post pics when she's all finished; right now she looks like a barbapapa with no appendages or ears) but i haven't quite mastered knitting in the round without getting gaps now and then. any pointers on fixing this problem?? also, the tutorial i watched skipped from dividing the stitches on the needles right to the knitting, and i think there was supposed to be a joining in there... so i've just tied the yarns together to join, is that okay? seemed to look alright... but i want to make sure i'm doing it right :)

thanks ladies, you rock!!
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