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Stumped! No ideas what to do with this yarn...

Hi fellow knitters,

I am STUMPED. It's March now, and I live in North Dakota. It's really not freezing cold anymore -- it was 52 degrees the other day, and I think it was 50 degrees yesterday. Right now, it is currently 42 degrees, and they are predicting snow. AGAIN. *sigh* Typical North Dakota weather.


I am still a relatively new knitter -- I learned back in November, but have not really knitted anything since January.

I have three skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky yarn in Orchid at 153 yds each, so I have a total of 459 yards to use up. I wanted to make a hat out of it, but ehhhhh. Don't want to make one right now. I'm not particularly sold on the idea of a scarf -- I've made enough scarves! And like I said before, it's too warm for a winter hat now, by ND standards.

I really want to make a queen-size afghan, but that would take up more than three skeins of yarn, and um, I'm a college student. =) I'm not exactly swimming in money, a la Scrooge McDuck. ;) Plus, I don't have very many needles -- I think the highest I have is size 10s right now (both straight and circs). It's an awfully big project to take on, and I fear that I would lose interest in it after starting. Don't want that to happen! =(

I have been scouring the 'net for beginner patterns, but so far I haven't come up with anything particularly interesting. I don't want to make hats or scarves...Maybe something afghan-type? Maybe I should just go ahead and start on my afghan project, and purchase additional balls for it as time goes on? I'm not planning to have it be all purple...it will definitely be in different colors. I want to make the stitches interesting, but not difficult...I couldn't do an afghan entirely in garter stitch...I would SCREAM!!! LOL! Do you guys think an afghan project is doable on size 10's, or should I move a few sizes up?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you amazing knitters can give to a stumped knitter! :)
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