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Coloured fingers and yarn

So today I dyed wool hanks. Yay! You so do not want to see the colour of my fingers though. They look like they have been beaten with a hammer. Blackish purple. Not terribly flattering. Should have worn gloves more. Anyway here are the results! Well there are about 4 more hanks than what you see here, but I took pictures while waiting for some to soak.

I'm going to knit a skirt with it. It should look so nifty. (Well I hope it will) Now it needs to dry and then I can knit a test and see what it looks like. I'm so excited!

I really shows how cotton does not dye as the white you see are the cotton ties I used to bind the hanks. Now this makes me wonder why it is that the cotton won't dye, but be sure if I dump anything on the sweater I knit out if this cotton, it will stain like the devil?

So to those who made the mistake and did not wear gloves when they were dying with Kool-aid, did you come up with any tricks to get this stuff off? My school principal is going to freak if he sees my hands like this. :P I already got frowned on for wearing light pink nail polish. Somehow I don't think black fingers and nails are going to go over well. Being a teacher sucks sometimes.

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