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Is this yarn ever avaialable in more colors?

I really want to try that kool-ade dying of self-striping sock yarn as demonstrated here and I want to wind up with machine washable socks. since I have little faith in my patience and abilities, I'd rather try it at 6.00 a pair (plus cost of kool-ade) than at some higher price but I'm having a hard time finding suitable yarn. I think I'm going to resign myself to practicing on a nice earthy colored pair and go with 2 balls of the essential fawn..

but I sure do wish this yarn was available in more colors, and not just for this purpose.. I wish it was available in.. funner colors, bright ones and pastel ones.. pinks! is it ever? maybe they're just.. low on colors right now? wishful thinking?

if it works and is fun and I love it, I've already selected the yarn I'll buy to do it next! but.. for starters I want something cheap and I'd really rather start with a yarn that's a pretty pastel.. blue, ideally.. but pink or yellow or even pale green or even pale yellowygreen would suit me better than this light brown. although.. I can see the light brown making a pretty yarn, it's just.. spring.. my thoughts are running to springy pastels and summery tropicals rather than autumn colors.
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