Tasha (rockstr009) wrote in knitting,


i bought some size 1 DPN's (brittany birch) from kyarns.com. they arrived today. let me first mention that the smallest needle i've used up to this point is 3. one snapped in half. then another one had a snag in it, so i lightly sanded it, and went to use it, and it broke. 2 BROKEN NEEDLES! i bought them in order to knit headphone sleeves for my ipod. i was pretty upset, as i need at least 4 to work in the round around the fork in the wires. luckily for me, brittany has a 5 year guarantee against needles (including breakage), so i sent them an email. but it can take up to 2 weeks!

*sigh* stupid teeny tiny needles.
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