Fun and Profit (piccadillycirc) wrote in knitting,
Fun and Profit

ok, so... i got some simple stripes from knitpicks, and i looked around the site but didn't see any recommended pattern for using it (in order to get the socks in the pictures), so i just used the "pattern" from that Sock Class website...and they're waaaay to wide for my feet. the ankles fit ok, but the main part sucks, and the heel is really ugly.

So...I'm thinking about ripping it out, even though it's like 8 hours of work (but I guess it's all a waste if I don't use them, right?) What patterns have you guys used with this yarn? I just want something really simple to show off the stripes and stuff, but it's gotta be an ATTRACTIVE sock, that fits my feet (which aren't particularly narrow, by the way... I'm pretty sure it's the socks that are to fat.) I'll wait til I find a better pattern before frogging, I think. Thanks.
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