It'll be funnier than a penguin playing a banjo (kozytartan) wrote in knitting,
It'll be funnier than a penguin playing a banjo

Look! I learned to make cables!!

I've gotten so bored with plain garter stitch scarves for friends that I've decided to take a dive into my SnB to do list: The cabled hat

I've never used DPNs before, nor have I ever used cables

It said to used 16" circs...but for some reason I couldn't make the stitches stretch long enough to make that work, so I just switched to my DPN's

Oh appears like its too small for my head....its gonna stretch right?

Over head shot

Side view so you can see the cables

Me being a huge dork

By the way...this is for my roommate...who is at the moment out...everyone went away this weekend :(
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