anno (pollyanno) wrote in knitting,

anthropologie inspired capelet.. inside out?

I'm trying to do one of these and I'm finding that I'm too inexperienced or one-brained or stupid to deal with stitch markers and purl-sided yarn overs at the same time.. but I couldn't find a movie that showed me how to do a purl-sided yarn over so I may be doing them wrong.. I discovered last week that I'd been doing knit-sided ones wrong for decades.. because there is an online movie for that. :)

so I started over doing it inside out, purling where it told me to knit and knitting where it told me to purl and yarn overing where it told me to yarn over, but on the side that works for me.. because I am not too inexperienced or one-brained or stupid to handle stitch markers and knit-sided yarn overs (now) and it appears to be working. (yay!)

knitting is a mysterious thing.. and I haven't learned how to think more than one row ahead. this garment is supposed to wind up being able to be worn purl-side out or purl-side in, so.. it seems like it shouldn't matter if it's knitted backwards.. or inside out.. or whichever it is I'm doing but.. does it matter? I have no faith.

is it going to be different than what I think I'm making, in any significant way, if I do it this way. there must be a reason the instructions want me to do this thing I can't for the life of me do while I can do the opposite of the thing quite easily.. but as long as it looks sort of right and doesn't fall back into a big long string when I bind it off, I don't think I'll mind..
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