Tasha (rockstr009) wrote in knitting,


well, i managed to find a way to work with the two #1 DPN's i broke. i superglued them back together, and finished my headphone sleeves! it was my first time working in the round on DPN's (on the forked part), so it's slightly off, but for a first time, i think it came out as well as could be expected.

yarn: brown sheep co. wildfoote in master grey
needles: Brittany Birch DPN's #1 US
pattern: craftster boards. all you basically do is knit an icord (4 stitches) around the cord, then when you get to the fork, increase to 6 stitches, work in the round, then place 3 stitches on a stitch holder, knit up one cord with the remaining 3 stitches, then go back and knit around the second cord.

i love the way it looks, but i'm not sure how long until i grow tired of it. :)
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