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me again--this time it's a technique!

I've finally found which pattern I want to use for that lovely mohair, the Kiri Shawl. Before I can even start, however, I'm in need of help. Here's the cast-on instructions: "Using provisional yarn, cast-on 3 stitches.
With shawl yarn, knit 14 rows.
Using shawl yarn, knit-up 1 stitch from each
garter-stitch ridge. There should be 7 ridges.
Undo provisional cast-on and knit these 3 stitches.

Ok, now I get the casting-on 3, knitting 14 rows, all that. What confuses the heck outta me is the bit about "knitting-up". Is this to mean that I, when looking at the right side, want to 'make one' at the outer edge of the previous row? I've never seen this term before, and really want to be sure about what it means before starting.
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