ghostsandrobots (ghostsandrobots) wrote in knitting,

rat hat, pink legwarmers, and cable scarf

Among other activities, .

Buttons look kind of strange on the hat, but pretty much the whole purpose of making it was to use the mice Jude found and insists on calling rats. I love that whenever I make something for him, he wears it non-stop for days and won't take it off. Although he's reasonable about not actually wearing it to sleep.

Hobbies collide. (No, not the child! Parenthood falls into a different category.)

No pattern at all for this one, just winging it but cheating a glance at something similar in a book at Joann to see how many stitches to cast on. If I were doing it over I'd learn some other way to close up the hat, and leave out the one or two small gaps up there. Fun and simple though. Gray part is Lion Brand Wool-Ease, as are the legwarmers below. Red and orange are both from my mom's 30-year-old stash.

Oh yes. Pink legwarmers. Very Flashdance of me, but it had to be done. Did most of these on planes to and from vacation, with a little plastic loop.

Last of all, my first cable scarf. Actually second; this one's a clone of one I gave to my mom. Except much longer. Yarn is Lion Brand Thick 'n Quick.

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