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Peace dragon shoulder bag

Heh, this was actually supposed to be a Knitting Olympics project. See how slow I am to finish it...

There's the whole thing, as finally assembled last night. Pity I don't seem to have a photo that really shows off the cabling of the central section properly.

Better view of the colorwork (which is mirror-imaged):

I think this photo is about as close as any of the pics I've taken has come to showing the colors accurately.

Here's the inside-out view to show where I sewed in the two pockets -- you can just about see the line horizontally across the fuchsia pocket where I divided it into two compartments -- the lower one is accessed by the zipper I have on the outside of the bag, between the cablework and the bottom stripes.

The yarn used was Cascade 220 from my stash. The "pattern" was pretty much seat-of-pants, but it starts out with casting on 120 and then doing a k2 p2 ribbed top with drawstring holes. Peace dragons pattern gridded out by me, cabling raided from Viking Patterns for Knitting by Elsebeth Lavold.

What I've learned on prior shoulder bags that was applied to this project:

A) Shoulder straps done on DPNs as a narrow tube rather than a flat back-and-forth piece are like padded backpack straps -- a lot more comfortable and without the tendency to try to fold in half lengthwise and dig into your shoulder.

B) Internal pockets really need zippers or things fall out of them.

C) Some sort of reinforcing for the drawstring holes right behind the knot is vital.

D) If you want a pocket for pens and the like, you need to either line it or resign yourself to a pencil case.

What I've already learned from this bag:

A) I should have knitted that fuchsia pocket longer, since the internal-access half is a bit too deep inside to be easy-access and could really stand a bit more inside capacity.

B) Getting grommets to stick to knitted openings is a pain in the tail (and evidently we didn't get one of them crimped on tight enough, since it's already come loose). Think I'll replace them with a crabstitched reinforcement of the drawstring holes -- in a nice contrasting color, to make it easier on myself to unpick and redo when it starts to wear through. (Maybe even in acrylic, rather than Cascade 220.)
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