rudbekia (rudbekia) wrote in knitting,

FO: mohair sweater w/cables & lace panels

A month ago I wrote about the mohair sweater I had finished. As of yesterday, I finished it again.

This one used a much different yarn: Interlacement's "Alamo", a mohair/wool/nylon blend (this colorway is Mountain Jewel). A single 700yrd, 8oz skein knit up at 3st/inch on US10.5 needles made this sweater with a yard of yarn to spare. This one also differs from the first in the length of the body (this one's longer, per request) and the neckline (neckline barely rolls because I ran out of yarn). The finished size is roughly a woman's medium (roughly a 40" bust). The woman I knit it for is tall (over 6') and slender.

Here it is, hanging askew on a hanger (the sleeves are in reality the same length):

And this time I have a picture of it on a human. Not a good picture by any stretch of the imagination, but it does show the lace cable up the sleeve really well because of the flash.

I can see doing this sweater again, but not in this yarn - I'd go back to the Outback Mohair. The colorway of the Interlacements is gorgeous, but the individual colors are too strongly defined to make it to my liking. I had considered using two balls of yarn throughout, but decided that I just couldn't be bothered with that.
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