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Theresa's Bi-Annual Stash Giveaway!

It's that time of year again, when my husband looks at the two plastic crates lovingly called my "working stash" and says, quite politely, that something has to go. So. I once again announce Theresa's Bi-Annual Stash Giveaway!

The Stash Giveaway Info is

Here's what it is: When I'm playing with textures and new patterns, I buy less expensive yarn to make a mock-up of the pattern or whatever. If I like how it turns out, I buy the expensive stuff and make a final version of it. I also am known to buy something on sale thinking 'I can do something with that' and I usually buy an extra skein of whatever-it-is in case I run out, which I am prone to doing when working a project the first time.

Here's how it works: I have grouped things together by weight or type, and that's how I intend to send it out so no mixing and matching, please! :) In many cases there is an unused skein of yarn plus remnants (ie, what was left at the end of a project plus the extra I always buy just in case). The description on the photo says what it is, the weight of it and yardage if available off the label. This describes the unused skein; I have no clue what is on the leftovers! So for example a photo may be captioned:

GROUP 9. Patons Lacette. Color: Maroon Mist 30405, dye lot 139602. Lace/fine weight 2. 50g/1.75oz/235 yards.

You'll see an unused skein and a used one. The information given is off the label on the unused skein so you know you have 235 yards PLUS whatever is on the remnant skein.

Here's what you do: Check out the photos at Theresa's knitting stash 3/13/06. Post a comment with whatever group(s) you would like. I will post a comment back as to how much it will cost to ship it to you via USPS 2-day priority mail (continental United States only please). You paypal that postage to me plus a buck for my time and out it goes to you. First come first served. I will be shipping out on Thursday and Friday and will post another comment to you to confirm it went out.

It's not the fanciest stuff in the world - I apparently went through a worsted weight phase! - but there's enough in here of some to make the Boobholder sweater, for example. If you go to you'll see my project notes on the Boobholder project lengthened and embellished, which took 1.5 skeins of Caron Simply Soft, which is in this offering in several colors.

Anyway -- get what you want, and if you don't want, that's okay too. Whatever doesn't disappear by Friday is going to the local senior citizen's center. I just have to get it out of here or I'm not *cough* allowed to buy more yarn!
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