Jaspher (shakay) wrote in knitting,

Suggestions or modification for "footies"

My mom wants footies...which I find bizzare considering she never wears socks in the first place but none the less I am tasked...

I was thinking about FUZZY FEET? But they are way too tall in the ankle area.
Can I just do a .5 inch or so cuff instead of the 3 inches in the pattern?
Or does anyone have any suggestions for other patterns?

I think what she has in mind would be like the no-show sport socks, or the socsks that have the pom pom on the back?
but in a softer fuzzier footie slipper form?

Aside from answering my how high do you want them to be on your ankle question her only request was SOFT and blue.
Yarn suggestions??

I'm a new knitter but not afraid to challenge myself -- I'm doing a rug for mom that she doesn't know about.
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