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intermediate stole recommendations?

I want to make my mother a lacy stole for Mother's Day. I'm envisioning something like Branching Out but with multiple repeats of the pattern (would that even work? If I left out the garter st. on either side of the pattern stitches?). The stole I envision can't be too dressy since my Mom doesn't have a lot of very dressy clothes. I'd prefer it not to have an edging that I have to pick up and knit (because I'm lazy like that =p).

Suggestions? I don't mind paying for a pattern if I really like it, but obviously free is better =)

Also, wool makes my Mom itchy. Since I don't really have that problem, I don't know what the best substitution would be -- something that would block really well would obviously be best. Maybe Alpaca? What would you all suggest?
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