Bertha (bertha79) wrote in knitting,

Question about ties for Apres-ski kerchief from Handknit Holidays

If anyone has made this, or has the book, can someone clarify something for me? I have finished the main part of the kerchief, and now I am on the instructions for the ties. They read:

First Tie: (WS) Knit across, turn; CO 24 sts using cable CO method. (WS) Knit across to the last st, slip the last stitch onto the right-hand needle. Do not cut yarn.

Second Tie: Using a seperate piece of yarn 60" long and Cable CO method, CO 24 sts onto the left-hand needle; return the slipped stitch to the left hand needle. Knit the first CO stitch before the slipped stitch, passing it over the slipped stitch as you knit it, then knit the slipped stitch; continue to knit across the remaining 23 sts-119 sts.

Next Row: (RS) Knit
(WS) BO all sts knitwise.
Weave in ends.

OK, so I have done the first part of the first tie, casting on 24 sts. But when it says "knit across to the last stitch," does it mean knit to the 24th stitch that I just cast on, and then slip THAT stitch onto the right needle? Or does it mean to knit across all 24 CO stitches, AND all 71 of the other stitches on the needle (the whole bottom of the kerchief)and slip THAT last stitch onto the right hand needle?

Also, why does it tell you in the first tie not to cut the yarn? I can't see where that figures in based on the rest of the directions.
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