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Okay for those of you with a better colour sense than me please offer your opinions and suggestions.

EDIT: Thank you all for your suggestions. I plan to knit a couple full hexagons and take them to Tokyo with me when I look for yarn. I shall keep all your suggestions in mind. Thank you again.

I dyed this yarn recently with Kool-aid and finally knit a diamond of the modular skirt I want to make out of it. The cotton candy aspect of the colour did not occur to me until I saw this all knit up. It terrifies me a little. So my question is, what would be a good accent colour that might pull out more of the heavier darker shades and make this skirt look a little less like it should be on a 6 year old.

If you can imagine this skirt with the cotton candy pattern as the hexagons. It has been suggested to me that a dark purple might mute the candy colours a little since the original black would be much too harsh. Any other suggestions?

For note, I am only knitting a shorter version of only three lines of hexagons. I believe someone else from this community did something similar a few months ago.
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