cynthiablue (cynthiablue) wrote in knitting,

Selling Sweaters

Has anyone ever sold some of their sweaters, or other knitting projects?

I toy with the idea of doing so. But the wool I like is rather expensive, and the time it takes to knit a sweater would put the cost up there. I don't see many, if any, hand-knitted sweaters on ebay that sell for around $250.

I'm just curious if any websites exist that sell various things people make by hand. I could probably put something on consignment in a store in Park City, Utah. Hand made in Utah, and I could even get some wool spun in Utah which would be fun. :) Reach the tourists.

It'd be really neat to have an ebay like store that is for all the hand-knitters (and crochet etc) out there. Then people could buy and rate the knitting just like on ebay. :)

Anyway I was just wondering. :)
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