knittinmol (knittinmol) wrote in knitting,

What's the weight?

I really want to make the Sarah's Shawl Collared Cardigan from White Lies Designs. I bought a copy of the pattern, but not the kit because I'm hoping I can use yarn in my stash.

The yarns called for are their own brand -
Joy which is 100% wool and 100yds. per 50g. skein and
MoJo which is 90% mohair and 10% silk and 100 yds per ball (no yardage given).

For those of you who might have experience with this pattern, what's the weight of the yarn they call for? Worsted? DK? Bulky? What's the weight once they are stranded together? It's hard to tell because the gauge swatch is in a lace stitch.

I've e-mailed the designer already, but I'm hoping I can get a quicker response from you all.


EDIT: I've gotten a reply from the designer. She said the wool is DK and the mohair/silk is laceweight. So if I wanted to use only one yarn - would it be heavy worsted? bulky? hmmmm... *wishes she was at home to swatch*
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