Phlogiston (phlogiston_5) wrote in knitting,

Lamb's Pride Worsted vs. Patons Merino for Fuzzyfeet

I'd like to make some fuzzyfeet from the pattern for my mom's birthday, but I'd prefer to use the Paton's Classic Merino wool instead of the Lamb's Pride Worsted. Has anyone had any experience substituting the Patons for the Lamb's Pride in felting projects? The gauge is about the same, Lamb's Pride Worsted is 4.5st 6 rows/in on size 8, and the Patons gauge is the same except for size 7 needles instead of size 8. But, I don't think gauge is an issue, its more a question of the felting properties. I know that Paton's merino shrinks more in the direction of the knitting (perpendicular to the rows), but I have no experience with the Lamb's Pride. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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