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Flying with knitting stuff

Just a real quick question. If it makes any difference...

I am flying to New York City tomorrow morning with a group of students from my college. I will be flying via Northwest Airlines (ick) both ways. I have a layover in the Twin Cities, and we will be flying into LaGuardia in NYC.

I just wondered if anybody else had any problems with getting thru security and flying NWA with their knitting stuff. I might bring my stuff with me, I might not...I don't know yet.

Also...Another question, not entirely related to flying, but it -would- help. I have gone ahead and embarked on my afghan project. I am using Wool-Ease yarn that was mentioned in the entry I linked to. It's mostly aryclic, and I am using one pair of metal circs. I know you guys know that aryclic yarn + metal needles = dry needles, thus making it harder to knit. Any ideas of what I could do to keep my needles "moisturized" WITHOUT having to resort to a damp rag (which I have been doing)? If I take my afghan project with me on the plane tomorrow, I will want to have a way to "moisturize" my needles without having to get up to use the plane bathroom. XD Ideas? (No, they're not Addi Turbos...I wish I had a set!)

Thanks so much in advance!!! =) I am pretty dang psyched about my trip to NYC, because it will be my first time. :D
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