anno (pollyanno) wrote in knitting,

anthropologie-inspired capelet :-D

I finished one of them. :-D


I went and practiced on my own place to see if it worked. :)

anyway, there's the second capelet.. I started a black one sunday night and while I was out yesterday I looked for a pin to hold it together in target, and found this one..


and decided it wanted a different color all together so I went to ac moore and didn't find much that suited but came home with this brown stuff that's not really the color it appears in either of those photos, in real life it's somewhere in between.. less yellow than the top one and warmer than the bottom one. it looks OK either side out, I'm not sure which I prefer..

a really easy project, it took about 23 hours from start to finish, actual clock hours.. I started around 2 yesterday, and among other things, you probably noticed I spent a good bit of time talking about it during some of those hours, and I did sleep, too. :)

now I need to finish the black one. :)
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