anno (pollyanno) wrote in knitting,

adapting an adult pattern for a child - still more capelet :)

I'm thinking I might like to make one of these capelets for my niece for her birthday. She's going to be 9 next month and probably a children's size 12 (us) is what I'm aining for.

link to capelet

I have some fairly fun variegated wool, worsted weight, that would probably make a nice jeans and tshirt capelet for her.. and I'm itching to knit some of this yarn into *something*.

so.. what do you think.. the capelet wants big needles and bulky yarn and fits an adult.. if I do it with worsted yarn and smaller needles.. say.. 8, that should take care of the proportions if I knit it according to plan/pattern, stopping when the sleeve section ='s her upper arm measurement?

maybe knit up a fun felted flower pin for the closure?
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