Omphaloskepsis (dragonpaws) wrote in knitting,

Weird knitting question

Hello knitters! I'm writing a personal essay on knitting for my Creative Writing Nonfiction course, and I find I need a weird datum: how many stitches, would you say, go into making the average, plain old stockinette with ribbing on the leg sock for an average-sized female foot? Ideally on size 2 needles, but I'll take any estimate you can give me.


ETA: Just to clarify- I'd like to know the total number of stitches in the ENTIRE sock, so if you cast on 52 (like I sometimes do), and you knit for 200 rows, it'd be something like... 10,000 and some stitches. But I have no idea how many rows, really. I know there are knitters who love doing this kind of math and figuring, which is why I ask here rather than pulling out a sock and counting. Not to mention that all the socks I made I've given away...
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