their tongues battled for dominance (starstealingirl) wrote in knitting,
their tongues battled for dominance

Name That Yarn

Hey, y'all. I was hoping that someone could help connect me with the yarn of my dreams. I've been looking in every single LYS in my city (when it comes to yarn, I'm more of a tactile shopper, and wouldn't even know how to navigate the shopping-for-yarn-online scene), and I can't find what I'm looking for. Therefore, help! Please!

I've been on a sweater-knitting kick lately (because what better time to make a sweater than right as it's about to start warming up?), and I've been looking for yarn for the perfect project.

Y'see, when I was younger, I had this sweater that I shamelessly stole from my dad found, that I loved to a ridiculous extent and wore for years and years until it fell apart. It wasn't anything special-- just your basic raglan with a v-neck-- but I wanted to make a new, slightly girlier version of it.

The important thing is the yarn. The sweater was made out of this sort of dark gray tweedy yarn-- but gray and tweedy in a pretty way. It wasn't just mottled shades of gray-- it was dark gray with little traces of reds, blues, and greens in it. I can't find anything in that color, and I've looked far and wide.

So, if anybody could point me to that kind of yarn, that would be great. It was pretty thin, maybe sport weight-- I could go up to an aran weight yarn, but I am Not A Skinny Girl, and I don't want anything even remotely bulky, because bulky yarns and my body do not get along. I'm not really picky about what kind of material it is, either, as long as I will not die of scratchiness. If you can unite me with the yarn of my dreams, I will love you forever. Really.
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