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Finally finished!

So, I've been working for about two months (off and on as I'm a grad student!) on a pair of cabled fingerless gloves w/ a mitten flip-top! The pattern makes a women's medium and I have slightly larger hands so I upped the needle size from 3s to 4s and used a slightly (really slightly) heavier yarn. They fit quite nicely! I had never attempted anything like that (or cabled, or used dpns) so it was an interesting adventure and I feel like I've achieved a lot! I learned quite a few things in one project which is always fun :) (several pics under the cut for those of you on dial-up!!)

I'm sooo excited to have finished these that I'm almost excited it got cold again in Michigan (it was 60 degrees yesterday, 30 today)... I am a strange strange person :)

In case anyone is interested, they come from a Heartland Knits pattern and are called the "Peekaboo Mittens". I used Cascade 220 Superwash wool in color #837!


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