Cathead (chymerikaen) wrote in knitting,

Baby bootie #1 - check!

My sister-in-law's baby shower is this weekend, so I decided to whip out a pair of booties. But not just any booties, special Debbie Bliss booties with fair-isle!
Well, the knitting was more successful than the subsequent photo session. It is really damn hard to take good pictures of your first attempt at fair-isle when your kittycat insists on helping out.

These are the beade fair isle shoes from Debbie Bliss's "The Baby Knits book". I used less than one ball of the main color and just smidgens of the other colors - all in Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton. I omitted the beads because I'm making them for a baby boy, and I'm a little iffy about putting beads on baby things.

Here's the first one completed with my helpful helper, Miss Kaelie-bob.

She tries it on for the camera.

Here's where she thought I had made it for eating.

A quick closeup before she grabs it again.

And a picture of her lookin' all innocent - "what's the matter, mommy? I'm just tryin' to help".

A question for those who are more experienced with fair-isle: is there anyway to avoid weaving in a million ends? Is there some way to weave them in as I go?
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