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What to do with this cotton yarn?

Last summer I bought a whole bunch of skeins of Paton's Bumblebee cotton baby yarn. For some reason, I was tempted by the pretty colors and the pleasant color names (waterlily, pansy, petunia, apple blossom, daffodil, etc etc). I was going through a baby hat phase (to donate to charity) that ended pretty quickly and only made two hats with this yarn, so I have a lot left. This stuff didn't make great hats anyway. I then set off on a washcloth kick. This stuff made great washcloths, but that got boring fast.

I then decided it might make a nifty scarf, and that to offset the baby colors and not have my scarf look like a basket of easter eggs, I should do a variety of large stripes with intarsia skull and crossbones (or some other badass-ish symbol). A test patch with an intarsia skull looked good but a little wonky, and didn't have much "give". It would be a lot of work to make a cotton scarf with size 6 needles and sport weight yarn and intarsia skulls in the round... (what was I thinking?)

Alas, all I can come up with is an easter eggish scarf with large stripes on size 10 or 11 needles. Any thoughts? I really do like this yarn, it's softer than Sugar n Cream, and the colors are so pretty... Well, thanks in advance :)

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