zebbiejohnson (zebbiejohnson) wrote in knitting,

Felted Lemur Bag Query

I'm looking to make a felted shoulder bag (like a messenger but without the flap over the top) that will end up about 30cm by 20cm with a 3cm gusset in a bright green colour, so that I can applique pre-made-felt lemurs onto both sides and knit their furry ring-tails in the round to use as the strap, meeting at the shoulder (I was a Biological Anthropology Major).

The only problem is that I've never felted before, so I have no idea how much yarn I will need to make the basic bag - the entrelac tote pattern on Knitpicks seems to suggest 6-7 skeins of Wool of the Andes, does that seem reasonable, or too few? I'm happy to take advice and would def. rather buy too much than too little as I don't want to run out and would like to swatch first, also possibly do a small section of the strap in the middle so you can see it is two tails. How much wool should I be getting?

Also, how big should I make the pre-felted bag if I want pretty close to the final dimensions above, using Wool of the Andes? I'm assuming just using stockinette stitch and making one long bag piece for both sides and the base, and then attaching two sides to it, I've heard it shrinks from 4units to 3units during felting, is this the case in all dimensions?
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