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Wedding Ring Shawl and Fair Isle/Stranded Knitting

Does anyone know somewhere online that carries the Wedding Ring Shawl pattern that's in the US? I've tried Google searching and came up with nothing. I'd rather not pay a small fortune to get a pattern if I can avoid it.

On another note (and the real reason I'm posting here), how did you learn Fair Isle? I did search the community but didn't get much in the way of what I was looking for - but if I missed it, please point me in that direction. I'd really like to get into Fair Isle and stranded knitting, but I'm having a difficult time finding something simple (and easy) to start with. I want to get some real practice in it before trying some more involved things, so is there a sampler type pattern that would be good for someone new to the technique? Maybe a hat or scarf or something? What was your first project? I'd love to take a class, but none of my LYS's are offering anything in the way of Fair Isle classes anytime soon (they do have them, but none are scheduled and they don't know when they'll be offering it again).

I'm not afraid to try new things (though I must admit that steeking scares me!) and I have been able to tackle some bigger projects without difficulty. So, what would you recommend? Any web sites with free videos or tutorials on Fair Isle/stranded knitting that helped you?

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