Jane D'oh (jylcat) wrote in knitting,
Jane D'oh

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Birch Leaf Socks

Does anyone have experience with the Birch Leaf Socks from Gathering of
Lace? I started this pattern using very nice sock yarn, a wool/tencel
blend on size 0 needles (as stated in the pattern). I'm not a
particularly tight knitter, but these socks are insanely small. I couldnt' get
them over my ankle. Has anyone else found these socks to be very small
when knitted on the suggested needles? Maybe it's my yarn. I got a
few inches past the heel and decided i had to start over on at least size
1 needles, but I'm not sure if I should go up to size 2's even. Any
suggestions? Would blocking increase the size enough to even matter?
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