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FO - Cleaves

Pattern: Cleaves
Yarn: Jo-Ann exclusive Bellezza Collection: Cosetta
Other: 8mm DPNs, 8mm 61cm circulars
Cast on: Jan 19/06
Cast off: Feb 3/06 (in a fit of laziness, left the ends to be woven in the next day..)

New techniques learned: Well, definitely the biggest thing I've done with DPNs! Also, it was my first time joining things all up together in the round (the two sleeves and casting on for the cowl..). Wasn't to hard to figure out, though, and I really don't like seaming at all - so avoiding that was a plus :D
Not a technique, but something I learned... my gauge changes a fair bit when I switch from DPNs to circulars. Gauge was bang on for the cuff and sleeve, but for the cowl my tension got a lot looser.

Changes to pattern: Well, I only made the cuffs about 7 inches. Partly because that was plenty long for my hands, but mostly because I did a lot of the initial knitting on the plan to Saskatoon and didn't have my measuring tape... so I used my DPN to guess length, and since they're 7 inches long, that was an easy number to work with ;) Total length of sleeve: about 21 inches.

What I would do differently if I made it again: I think I wouldn't mind a little less loosey-goosey-ness about the cowl - while it is cozy comfy, it's oversized-ness gets in my way on occasion. So if I were to make another, I'd probably try a smaller size needle for the circulars, to compensate for my looser tension.

The yarn was fun, I really enjoyed the colours :) (the yarn was a gift from a friend down in California). The pattern is pretty straightforward, and the sleeves were pretty good airplane knitting. I really appreciated the lack of seams to do up!

I've worn it a couple times now, and it is very cozy and snuggly. I'd probably wear it more often if I was just staying at home more, and didn't have to worry about it matching the tshirt i'm wearing that day ;)

Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Here's the finished thing spread out on my bed. I love verigated yarn and it's stripiness.

Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

This is how I like to wear it: nice and cozy about the back of my neck, the sleeves stay up, and it's just all kinds of goodness :)

more pictures can be found at my flickr page

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