Capsicumanuum (capsicumanuum) wrote in knitting,

Could I be more vague? -- pattern request

I'm embarassed as all get-out about this, but here goes:

I recall seeing a sweater pattern I really liked in this community at some point in the recent past. I thought I bookmarked it, but it's not in my bookmarks or my page. In my defense, I looked at the subject-line archives for knitting going back to mid-December, clicking through on anything that had no subject line, had a subject line that indicated finished object, or that even remotely looked like it would have sweater pattern links in the comments. I've also googled and checked Knitting Pattern Central, with no luck.

Anyway, the pattern in question was a pullover sweater. The photo showed it knit in either a solid color or heathered yarn (I don't recall. ::facepalm::), but I remember thinking "Wow, that would look really great in a tweedy yarn." It had minimal textured patterning (again I don't recall specifics, but it was either subtle cables or an interesting rib or a variant of creating geometric designs with raised purl bumps).

If I can't find the particular pattern I am looking for that's fine. After all, I barely remember what it looks like! I am, however, looking for a pattern that has a little teeny bit of texture and would look good in a tweed yarn. Googling for patterns that explicitly call for tweed yarns hasn't inspired me much.

I'm knitting this as a gift, and the recipient picked the yarn, a worsted weight navy blue wool with flecks of orange, hence the emphasis on "must look good in tweed." Free patterns are great, but I'm more than happy to purchase a pattern or book, if necessary.
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