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Self Striping Confusion

Okay, so I've only really made one pair of socks using self-striping yarn, and am currently working on another one. The first pair I made was out of Lion Brand Magic Stripes so I just knit from the ball and started the new sock when I was done with the first one.

Anyway, I now knit my socks 2 at once on 2 sets of circular needles, so I use 2 balls, and I remember when I was buying the yarn that the lady at the yarn store said i had to make 1 sock pulling from the outside of the first ball and the other sock pulling from the inside of the second ball (specifically saying when using 2 balls). Now, I thought about this, and decided she couldn't possibly be right about that becuase that would mean there were two different kinds of balls and how on earth would you know you got two of the different ones and not two of the same.

I must be missing something, though, because as I'm knitting my socks (and I don't honestly care that much if this pair match, i just want to figure this out), they are both striping in the exact opposite order, which, like i said, isn't a big deal in this case but I'm just trying to wrap my head around why this is. Is it like this with all self striping yarns? And if so, how is it that the balls are different? How do you tell they're different?

Thanks in advance for any input you guys can provide. This one's going to bug me for a while.
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