s (puddleofglass) wrote in knitting,

Hmm... I'm thinking that I might have made a purchase mistake. I'll bet it comes from this being my third or so project. Hoh boy!

I was going to knit these socks for my friend, and planned on buying white yarn to dye with Kool-Aid.

The pattern calls for Regia 4 fadig, which is 75% wool, 25% polyamide, and has 210 meters per 50g ball. To make solid color socks, it requires 2 balls.

The store I went to did not have this kind, and they thought the following would be a good substitute (I didn't have the pattern with me for them to look at. =/)
I bought Baby Ull, 100% wool, 165 meters, and 50 grams per ball. I also only bought two balls.

The pattern asks for size two needles for smaller feet (which my friend has). I bought size one needles (again, from the suggestion of the people at the store), and just now I saw that my yarn calls for size 2.5 needles.

So, should I go back and make some exchanges? Or do you think that I might be able to make it work?

Thanks guys!
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