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Learning Fair Isle!!

I'm so excited. I am teaching myself Fair Isle! I always wanted to learn this but I seem to like the sweaters that are certainly for an advanced level of skill. I figured I would never reach that level - until tonight.

Tonight I just said, "What the heck, I'm going to learn this." I had no idea it would be so freakin easy. Granted I am using colors that wouldn't be used together and I have to work on my method (all those skeins) and tension but I am pretty happy with this - especially for a first attempt. If anyone has been hesitant about learning this (or any) technique, I say just dive right in - that's how you learned to knit in the first place. The worse that could happen is it looks like crap and you have to try again.

ETA: Oh and if anyone has any pointers that they'd like to share, that'd be fabulous. I have hit a few tutorial sites and watched the video but personal experiences or tips are always welcome. And yes I can take constructive criticism.

I was using a part of a fair isle chart from a sweater in Vintage Knits.


Back (see the uneven tension on the stranding? I have to work on that)

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