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pair of FOs - Shetland Tea Shawl and green dinosaur

Got a couple of things this time...

Pattern - Shetland Tea Shawl from "A Gathering of Lace" - no errors sighted in the 4th edition!

Yarn - Hand Maiden Lace Silk (100% silk - 600m / 100g) in "Yarntopia" colour - a bit under 2 hanks. I don't have an accurate scale but my eyeballs would say 1/2 - 2/3 of the second hank was used.
How they worked together - the pattern calls for 7 hanks of Morehouse Lace (100% merino, 209m / 28g) . I have no idea how that yarn lands along the laceweight scale. I do know my gauge was slightly smaller than the pattern listed, though, and I had to do 2 repeats of the diamond madeira chart to make the shawl reach 59". Just couldn't eke out that last inch in blocking to make it match the book. The silk is absolutely divine - how can you argue with silk?? - but I don't think I'll use it often. Sheep are my friend.
Needle size - started with 2.5mm Addi Turbos, changed to 2.5mm Crystal Palace bamboos partway through
Time to knit - about a month between cast on and cast off, flirting with other knits a bit.

Pre-blocking... doesn't it look all sad and limp?

Blocking it took some time - between moving furniture, vaccuuming *shudder*, and pinning out... 115? points evenly. Then for all the time I spent on that, I failed to take a picture of it evenly pinned out. This is it hastily laid back down - pardon the wrinkles and misbehaving edging.

That picture shows one of the quirks of the Pi Shawl - closer to the center of any given area between increase rounds, the fabric is denser. In a way it does make sense - same # of sts has to go further - but it annoys me. As much as I like how easy it is to work a myriad of lace patterns into a Pi, I prefer the look of something that increases consistently. Doily love.

The shawl back in the sun. This best illustrates how much it grew with blocking.

I am not a fan of wildly varigated yarns for lace. Never have been and I don't think I ever will be. However, this is what the yarn shop wanted, so this is how it shall be. What did I learn? Looking at the diamond pattern vs. the center of the shawl and the mesh/faggoting part of the edging vs. the... edge... if I am gifted with wildly varigated yarn in the future, I will seek out a pattern that calls for knitted lace - that is, a pattern with yarnovers on every single row. No plain rounds.

Other pictures - close-up of the edging. I was hasty in my pictures and didn't straighten out the shawl, so the diamond looks weird. And another shot of the diamond pattern, not so weird this time. Another overall shot of the shawl, just because.

Want to pet the shawl and try to find the flaws in person? Go to Yarntopia. Tell Amy that Monkee sent you. Last I saw it was living on the table , but I was told it will migrate towards the sitting area and Fleece Artist display.

And something quite different... a critter I knit about two months ago but failed to post. It's a dinosaur from Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection. (the caveman I knit didn't turn out so well. ) "Toy Collection" is a little leaflet packed with charming creatures... I saw the center spread of dinosaurs and knew I had to have one. Used Mystery Acrylic and the first pair of needles I could lay my hands upon.

(cat for size reference only)
Tags: finished object, model post, pattern - shawl, pattern - toy
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