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Saturday Market Bag

Pattern: Saturday Market Bag from the most recent MagKnits.
Yarn:Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in Boysenberry, less than a skein
Needle: Size 15 straight and Size 10 circular
Changes: I added to the garter stitch section at the top and added a row of yo's so I can run a ribbon through it

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This was a quick little knit, it took parts of two afternoons and the stitch pattern was really easy to commit to memory, making it a great project to do while watching movies. It doesn't appear quite as long as the original, but I haven't loaded it up yet and I'm guessing that as I fill it, it will stretch out some. The pattern originally didn't say anything about using circulars, but from reading the pattern, it only made sense that the US size 10 needles would be circs, so I contacted the designer and that was indeed what it was supposed to be. The pattern now says for the size 15s to be circs. I will definitely be making more of these, but I think I will be altering the pattern so that it is in the round. The seaming was a bit of a pain, but I dislike seaming, so I just crocheted the pieces together.

ETA:Upon realization of exactally how blurry the pic was, I decided there had to be someplace better to take the picture, enjoy the new, improved pic!
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